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New features for superior monitoring and control

  • 365-Day Real Time Clock with automatic Daylight Savings Time adjustment
  • Occupancy Schedule allowing two different occupied schedules per day for each of the seven days of the week
  • 20 Holiday Schedules with a length of upto 99 days, each with flexible start times. You can now choose the time of day your holiday begins saving energy
  • Energy-Saving Economizer Operation with the flexibility of using dry bulb, outside enthalpy and differential enthalpy. Our patented economizer enthalpy control has set points for outside air temperature, supply air temperature, small space cooling demand, and large space cooling demand.
  • Outside Air CO2 Sensor to close the economizer if CO2 is present 
  • Inside Demand Ventilation using one CO2 sensor of differential demand ventilation using inside and outside CO2 sensors
  • IAQ Operation with programmable maximum outside air
  • Patent Pending Temperature Humidity Algorithm offsets the operating setpoint based on high humidity in the space- with programmable limits to control humidity.
  • High and Low Ambient Lockout to lockout cooling below or heating above a programmable setpoint of outside air temperature
  • Space Temperature Alarm when temperatures are outside of program setpoint. Alarm setpoints are user programmable
  • Unit Monitors Airflow to detect dirty filters and insufficient airflow
  • Intelligent Recovery brings the space temperature to the occupied setpoint just before or at the beginning of the first occupied schedule each day. The control will "learn" and apply the minimum runtime required to heat or cool the space
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