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Evapco are one of the world's largest manufacturer's of chillers and cooling towers. The information in this section will cover a very small portion of what they offer but will give those of you with cooling towers a sense of what we can do when partnered with a world leader like Evapco.

UT Cooling Towers

The UT is an induced draft, counterflow design cooling tower with a CTI certified capacity range of 112 to 4,120 nominal tons (493 to 18150 kW). Standard construction consists of G-235 (Z600-Europe) galvanized steel with type 304 or 316 stainless steel available for the basin or the entire tower. The UT cooling tower comes standard with the SUPER Low Sound Fan.

Solutions for Sound Sensitive Applications

The NEW Ultra-quieT Cooling Tower comes standard with Super Low Sound Fan that reduces the overall sound generated from the top of the cooling tower. The Ultra-quieT provides deep sound reductions and can be used in combination with Water Silencers to produce the lowest sound levels commercially available. Consult EVAPCO’s iES selection software for unit sound levels. If a detailed analysis or full octave band datasheet is required for your application, please consult your EVAPCO Sales Representative.

The Super Low Sound Fan
9 – 15 dB(A) Reduction versus Model AT Standard Fan EVAPCO’s Super Low Sound Fan on theUltra-quieT tower utilizes an extremely wide chord blade design available for sound sensitive applications where the lowest sound levels are desired. The fan is one piece molded heavy duty FRP construction utilizing a forward swept blade design. The Super Low Sound Fan reduces sound levels9 to 15 dB(A) compared to the Model AT standard fan.

10 dB(A) decrease is half as loud! The Ultra-quieT tower is better than half as loud as other fans!
(refer to the Sound Basics section for more information on Sound)

Improved Sound Quality Emitted Super Low Sound Fan on the Ultra-quieT Tower!

The SUPER Low Sound Fan on the Ultra-quieT tower reduces sound levels 9-15 dB(A) andeliminates audible blade passing frequencies indicative of straight bladed axial type fans.

Refer to the Narrow Band Spectrum graph, which indicates straight bladed axial fans produce blade passing frequencies – the same phenomena that produce the signature pulsating helicopter noise.

The blade passing frequencies are audible spikes in sound pressure levels, but are not apparent in the octave band sound spectrum.

The Super Low Sound Fan on the Ultra-quieT cooling tower reduced sound levels and betters the sound quality!

Designed for easy maintenance, the UT cooling tower leads the industry in service friendly features. The two most critical areas for cooling tower maintenance are the basin and the drive system. The UT basin section is designed to allow quick and easy access from outside the cooling tower. Just like the basin, all service to the drive system can be safely performed from the side of the cooling tower. This eliminates the need to stand in the cold water basin or add costly fan deck handrails and safety cages for routine service to the bearings, belts, or electrical equipment. Evapco's Power-Band drive system is the easiest belt drive system to maintain in the industry!

  • Easy Access
  • Easy, Removable Air Inlet Louvers with Quick Release Fasteners (video) 
  • Clean Pan Basin Design 
  • Stainless Steel Strainers
  • Models UT 19-56 through UT 39-942 Motor Mount, Power Band Belt Adjustment and Bearing Lubrication 
  • Models UT 112-012 through UT 428-1248 Motor Mount, Power Band Belt Adjustment and Bearing Lubrication 
  • Swing-out motor base

The cold water basin section is easily accessible from ground level by simply removing the (2) two on the inlet louver assemblies surrounding the cooling tower and lifting out the lightweight louver.

The basin can be accessed from all (4) four sides of the cooling tower. The bottom of the fill section is a minimum of four (4) feet (1,2 m) above the basin floor. This open basin design enables the UT basin to be easily cleaned.

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