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olsen-OSC-Series-BoilerWhen considering a condensing boiler for your home Olsen provides you with a choice. We offer a fixed capacity boiler rated at 90% AFUE. The 95M is a modulating boiler with an AFUE of 95%. The modulation feature of the 95M allows the boiler to change its heat output relative to actual current load requirements. Modulating boiler applications are best for larger homes with many or small zones. In these applications the boiler will modulate to a lower output versus cycling on and off when the smaller zones call for heat, reducing temperature swings and maximizing comfort. These modulating boilers are also ideal for small commercial applications.

OSC Series Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler

Sealed Combustion Technology for Safer, Cleaner Heat

The OSC Series boiler draws in outdoor air to mix with fuel in the combustion process. This guarantees consistent air supply and optimizes clean burning. Sealed combustion design not only protects against harmful CO due to poor combustion, but also conserves heated air within the living space.

Installation Flexibility

The OSC boiler has a low profile design and can be installed virtually anywhere. The boiler can be placed adjacent to any exterior wall and vented directly outdoors or vented vertically utilizing stainless steel vent pipe. This makes it easy to incorporate the OSC into new home construction or as a replacement to an existing boiler. The OSC is an ideal choice when converting from electric heat to a hot water system.

Cast Iron Heat Exchanger

The OSC utilizes cast-iron construction because of its durability and efficient heat transfer capabilities. Cast-iron sections and push nipples are an integral part of each OSC boiler. Using only the highest quality cast iron and heat transfer designs, the OSC will provide many years of efficient and trouble-free operation.

Stainless Steel Burners

Corrosion resistant stainless steel burners are incorporated into each OSC boiler delivering uniform flame patterns that optimize combustion efficiency and quiet operation.

High Energy Efficiency and Lower Home Heating Costs

With an 87% efficiency rating, the OSC boiler offers the highest cast iron to Btu heating capacity ratio in the industry. Once the OSC boiler is installed, the payback will begin immediately due to reduced energy consumption and lower heating costs. Home owners may even be eligible for utility rebates, depending on geographic location and energy provider.

Factory Tested, Pre-Wired & Packaged

The OSC boiler arrives ready to install. Prior to leaving the factory, nine quality assurance checks ensure trouble-free start-up and performance.

Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty

The most straightforward warranty in the industry — lifetime warranty to the original home owner covering the entire heat exchanger — not just the sections.

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