• Today, it is more important than ever to have home comfort solutions which will minimize the environmental impact some of these products may have.
  • Several manufacturers have taken the idea of energy efficiency to the extreme by surpassing legislated minimum standards and raising the bar for other manufacturers.
  • There are products constantly being introduced that will help reduce energy consumption and have been engineered to be less harmful on our environment overall.

Carrier has introduced their Infinity Series of products which, when combined properly, can achieve SEER ratings in excess of 18 - the current minimum legislated standard is 13 SEER.HybridHeat technology has been introduced in Carrier's Infinity heat pump systems.

Hallowell International is another manufacturer which is taking energy efficiency to the extreme: they have designed an extremely efficient air source heat pump: the ratings on their systems rival those of Geothermal systems. Click Here for more information.In addition to various manufacturers making changes, the Provincial and Federal governments are offering grants and incentives for homeowners who make changes that will reduce their energy consumption. Please refer to our Promotions Page for information on rebates and incentive available to you for purchasing the most efficient HVAC equipment on the market.